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So long did not update liao

Yea.. It's been a month since I did not update liao. Can actually say quite lazy :S Haha.. well I just blog a while lo.. And have request also. Haha.

Yesterday came back from Singapore. Just for a day. I went there because they want me to show my passport and I/C so that they can verify my documents. Yup.. all the way there for that only. But in the end.. I manage to do my check up and get my uniforms. :) Finally.. Haha.. but.. I need to repeat my check up. :( So.. might be going back again.. money fly again. Haih.. Don't ask why about the repeat check up :S quite sad about it. As in have to spend money to go there again. But dear told me that I can always earn it back. Well he is right :)

Oh yea this is my uniform

I love this one obviously because of the flowers~ ^^ but after my probation if I'm confirmed to work as a permanent staff there. I will get blue ones :D

Then this one is to use only when I'm in the ward.

Well.. the hospital here is way different. @@ So nice the hospital. Inside just look like shopping center. o.o

Then what else.. I had my date with my dear ~ ^^

Hehe.. he came around 6 something after work. So glad can meet him. It's been so long~~ I miss him so much >_< We had dinner then walk around. ^^ Can't wait to see you again dear.. Love you~~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is a well.. special day. And what did I do? Spend time with my buddies and my dear. Well.. online with him >.< but we had fun too~~ we play SDO~~ ^^

It has 8 screens. I have to say not bad leh. :) finally Kuching have a decent cinema. Oh today only RM7 because it movie day. And also today they give out free pepsi to everyone. We did not take coz late for show le. LOL Went with Amanda, Stephanie, Sally, Pamela, Corolyn and my bro. : D We watched UP. I have to give a 5/5

I know this movie was out ages ago.. but its never too late ma.. xD really nice.. I love the beginning till the end.. Highly recommended.

Whatelse oh.. I took a picture with Amanda. Our latest pic. Did not take with the group cause no time ma. We were a little late for the show.

Nvm.. next time can take with them. Had lots of fun ^^

Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Outdated post

Ok long story short. Getting the lazy feeling to blog again liao. Haha.. Well.. some of you guys might know recently I went to Singapore for job interview. I went there 2 times actually. : S but finally.. I got the offer.. from Tan Tock Seng.. I'm so excited to work and I thought can work liao.. but... I have to get my Malaysian Registration Cert.. then can... but it wont be out for like 1-2 months? WTF?

Why lar... just a cert ma... why so slow one.... I mean think about it.. I bet there are other people like me want to work oversea mah.. can't be must wait for that friggin cert then can work?... Sorry lor... I find it ridiculous... Haihz... So.. what to do? I have to wait.. or unless miracle happen... damn it... : ( wasted so much money.. but Amanda told me that all this will produce a good outcome. And yeah.. it will be... I just like to complain.. but.. I'm doing this for my job and for my dear.. : )

Hm.. whatelse?... OH.. well.. besides going for interview, we had extra time to look around in Singapore. I like the transport system loh... so fast.. and punctual.. unlike here.. so "fast" and so "punctual"... haih..

Can say I like Singapore loh.. better system.. but.. not everything is good lah.. sure got some not good de.. but better than Malaysia.. can liao.

Quite lazy to post up the pictures.. I post liao in facebook or maybe other time when I got the feel to blog. Haha.. The only picture I will post is...

Got it in Singapore. LoL. Yup.. I still like things like these.. I'm so childish : / These are little miss characters.. from the.. you know.. a machine u put RM1 then get the egg with a toy inside? XD miss those days. So i decide to get again. Got 3 more characters I dont have. u.u all from 7-eleven :( why Malaysia don't have one? ~.~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yup.. graduate liao. Finally get to wear the robe. Is not everyday you get to wear them :X It is a delayed post. Should post it few days ago but.. was feeling kind of lazy. Haha.. So yea.. was in KL on 17th July till 19th. Just 3 days. The convocation is on the 18th. Soo... many people that day.. there were other faculties that are graduating too such as Music. Engineering and so on. By the way, the flowers are not mine. Friend borrow only. I don't have xD but mum gave me a
Yup a bear ^^ should remove the mortar board. I'm not doing degree yet :S but still thanks a lot mum. : ) If you all notice I'm sure some might wonder where is my dad. Well.. my dad can't make it.. He has to work.. I wish he could be there.. then can take family portrait or something.. I know.. i know.. I'm only doing diploma.. but.. I'm just happy.. haha.. 3 years finishing my course was also not easy.. I'm glad I'm done. I posted my graduation pictures in Facebook so you guys can look there. :) Now.. after finish attending convo.. just walk around KL.. really rushing because only 3 days. Will take say much. Here are some pictures of what we did in KL.
I like the monsters sale. Haha. This is at Mid Valley
Taken in front of Pavilion.
Finally get to try Pasta Zanmai. I like eat spagetti but.... just decide to try Japanese + spagetti
I had spagetti with unagi + egg. Rate : 3/5
Mum had spagetti with squid + egg and.. some other stuff : S seafood.
Bro had spagettin with fried chicken. Haha more like western xD Overall.. ok ok only lo.. not really outstanding :S

Then watch movies. Finally get to watch Ice Age 3. LOOOOOL like it ^^ i like the 3 baby T-rex. xDDDD

Bro and I watch it in
3D version ^^ nice lah. but.. hate the glasses.. so heavy.. I already wear glasses.. then I have to wear that. x.x not comfortable at all.

Then we also watched

Mum, bro and I watched it on Sunday noon. For me.. book still better.. but movie not bad lah. :)

Oh ya.. I got my Malaysian Nursing board results today. I passed! :D I'm now officially a registered nurse. ^^

That's all for now. This is just for fun. Can anyone recognize these to characters above? ;) 1 clue they are from Hallmark ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Happy Birthday

A happy birthday to my cousin Tresha ^^. Actually her b'day was on the 8th July but just celebrated today. We celebrated at a fast food restaurant called Chicago 7. It was her choice of place.

Here is the birthday girl herself ^^

Ok firstly.. I have not been to an actually birthday party for a long long time. Haha. Feels nice :) and I think this is my first time celebrating birthday with my cousins. Because I am usually not around. Hehe.. really happy this time can ^^ She invited her friends and us cousins.

Her cake. LoL. So special one.

Top view

I arrived at 5 something. It was all nice and simple. We ate then play games. Well... Michelle, Tracy, Melissa and I. Did not play :X Hahaha... ><
They played musical chair, passing games and some other games I have no idea. Haha xD

Haha my aunty ^^

LoL the inside of the cake. Not bad lah. Can see her legs? lol

Once again Happy birthday :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009